Project Integration

Integrating your DePIN project into DePINscan grants you a lot of visibility within the DePIN community and allows your own community to stay up-to-date with your project's developments.

Creating a new project

Is your project already on DePINscan? 🤔

💡 If your project is already live and you don't have EDIT access to it, please create an account (instructions below), check your personal ID in your dashboard, and then reach out to an IoTeX team member to bind your personal ID with your project. This will allow you edit access so that you can keep your project profile up to date at all times.

In order to create a new project on DePINscan, you'll have to first sign in with your GitHub account, Google account or Metamask wallet.

Once signed in, you'll have to go to the Manage Project section, by clicking on your avatar, on the top right corner of your nav bar.

Your dashboard will look pretty empty at the beginning, but no worries, we're here to take care of that! There are 2 important things to note on your dashboard (see image below):

1) Your personal ID (which can be used, for example, to join a project, add team members to your project, etc..);

2) The "Add project" feature, which is what we're going to explore next;

When adding a project, you'll be able to work on 3 tabs: "Config", "Tags", and "Social" (image below).

Try to add as much information as possible, but no worries if some of these field are not relevant to your project quite yet, you can always go and edit later.

Once you've created your project, you'll see it on your dashboard. You can either edit it, or preview it. You'll also see that its status will be "pending". This means that one of the IoTeX team members is going to review your project for approval, or to maybe get some clarifications, or ask for some edits.

Adding team members to your project

Collaborating on your DePINscan project is very easy. All you have to do is to select the "Team Members" option on the left nav bar in your dashboard, and simply add a team member using their username.

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